Words with Friends HD Free

The crazy and fun gameplay of Words that you know and love with your friends is finally available for your iPad and it’s free! Words with Friends HD is a free app game where you can play a familiar and vibrant game where you figure out words that will get you the best score. Like Scrabble and other similar word games, Words with Friends finally lets you have a chance to use the best words with your friends.

Words with Friends HD features the same, charming and familiar gameplay of Scrabble and other word games that you adore and dig but now it’s transitioned into a digital format that makes it easy for playing. The game is designed to let you play up to 20 games at the same time so while your one group is still going on with the words, you can play with your other group who’s frantically making words at a fast pace. You can connect with people on Facebook and even stay in touch with the game’s messaging so if you want to give hints or tease, you have the options. You can fight anyone randomly or by invite. The game also features slick board designs that are visually appealing.

Words with Friends HD is very easy to use. It might look daunting but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a blast matches with friends. I rate the app 4 out of 5 because while the game is near-perfect in every way, the game has ads and delays which I feel hamper the experience. But other than that, Words with Friends plays nicely and is a perfect multiplayer game.

Do A Barrel Roll

One of the latest Easter Eggs was “Do a Barrel Roll”. This Easter Egg spread across the internet like wildfire with millions of people doing it. In order to have fun with this Easter egg, users will only need to type the command that triggers the Easter egg, “do a barrel roll air” in the search box. Once they do that, the entire window of the browser will do exactly that, it will roll around 360 degrees, then shows the search results.

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