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Ever wondered how different someone would look if they packed on an extra twenty pounds? The iPhone app Fat Booth lets users do just that. It takes pictures and enhances them to portray what the user’s face would look like with the extra weight.

As an entertainment app it allows users to share the humorous photos with friends via email, text messages, facebook and twitter. It works with both previously taken photos, or allows the user to take a photo while inside the app. The finished pictures can be saved into the photo library.

The app doesn’t need an internet connection to transform the pictures, and the before and after can be easily seen with a simple shake. The app is currently .99 and incredibly entertaining.

FatBooth is a fun little app that you can keep on your phone to entertain the kids or your friends.  It can be a funny diversion and even interesting to see what you or your friends may look like with a few additional pounds.

best app fatbooth iphone

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