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NeuroNation Brain Games App

NeuroNation Brain Games App

NeuroNation Brain Games App for Personalized Brain Training NeuroNation is a free app that furnishes a collection of brain training exercises aimed not just to test the limits of your mental abilities, but also to improve on those areas where you are least capable. This mobile device application presents brain games that pose as training […]

Amazon Mobile App

Amazon Mobile App

Whether you’re in the market for a book, Kindle books, music, camera, consoles or whatever, you can now browse through for the item easily with the Amazon Mobile. The Amazon Mobile app takes the features of the main website and makes them mobile with ease. From the Gold Deals to the easy option to scan, […]

Google Earth

Google Earth

From Japan to Africa, you can finally find the exact locations of wherever you want to go to and more with Google Earth, the app that lets you hold the Earth right in the palm of your hand. This app lets you explore the virtual globe with just a touch of the finger. You want […]

Words with Friends HD Free

Words with Friends HD Free

The crazy and fun gameplay of Words that you know and love with your friends is finally available for your iPad and it’s free! Words with Friends HD is a free app game where you can play a familiar and vibrant game where you figure out words that will get you the best score. Like […]

Angry Birds Rio HD

Angry Birds Rio HD

The Angry Birds are back! But this time, it’s not the eggs that make them angry. It’s the kidnapping and getting sent to Rio de Janeiro that makes them angry. Angry Birds Rio HD is tie-in to the movie Rio where Angry Birds exact revenge on their captors alongside Jewel and Blu, the protagonists of […]

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is an app where you write the name of the artist or band that you love so much (i.e. Beach Boys, Beastie Boys) and Pandora will automatically link you to music that’s similar to what you wrote.  It’s your very own personalized radio so you don’t have to frantically search new music; Pandora […]

Calculator Pro for iPad

Calculator Pro for iPad

Whether you’re making calculations for the basic duties in life or you want to use the scientific functions without difficulty, you’ll find the free version of Calculator Pro for iPad very handy. Calculator Pro for iPad is a basic utility that anyone can use, whether it be the person who needs to know how much […]

igun best iphone app

Iphone iGun Pro

For any gun enthusiast, the iPhone app iGun Pro is essential. The app allows users to digitally load, and fire a variety of guns. It also provides the user with the option of creating a digital gun collection. The app provides a realistic gun firing for each type of gun that is available. Slow down […]

best app fatbooth iphone

Best App iPhone App Fat Booth

Ever wondered how different someone would look if they packed on an extra twenty pounds? The iPhone app Fat Booth lets users do just that. It takes pictures and enhances them to portray what the user’s face would look like with the extra weight. As an entertainment app it allows users to share the humorous […]

iphone best app trap call

Best App Iphone TrapCall

Receiving calls from unknown numbers who do not leave a message is a frustrating circumstance. The new app from the iPhone app store, Trap Call allows users to figure out who is calling. It will unblock private numbers and allow users to see who is really calling them. Another great feature of the app is […]

best app iphone big time gangsta

Iphone apps Big Time Gangsta

Big Time Gangsta provides big time fun for any iPhone user looking for a action packed shooting game. The game is based around a crime ridden city and to survive one must build up their crime syndicate. From creating a gang to battling other rival games this app is action filled. Available in the iPhone […]

best app clever toad

Best App Review Clever Toad

The android app Clever Toad is a fun time waster game and is suited best for the casual gamer. It is a puzzle based game and requires one to use logic to get the toad across the river. Each level is a different set up of lily pads which the user must get the toad […]

best app

Best iPhone App VoiceMod

VoiceMod is a voice modification best app with a new aspect that other apps in its category have yet to accomplish. VoiceMod utilizes real-time technology and immediately changes the sound of what the user is saying. Most other voice modification apps will record a certain amount of speech and then regurgitate it in a different […]

Best App

iPhone App Review: ABC Music

iPhone offers a variety of apps focused on the education of youngsters using the technology to teach them numbers, letters and shapes. The ABC Music app is created by Peapod Labs LLC and is focused on helping little ones learn words and letters through music, photos and videos. Each letter is associated with a number […]

free dating app

SmartDate® Launches a Fantastic Twist to Dating

SmartDate® is a free dating app for the iPhone that is going to make some real changes to the way that people think about dating altogether.  You know how on Skype or any other messaging system there’s a setting to let people know that you are available or not?  Well, SmartDate® has taken that idea […]

iphone app

iPhone App review: ACCUTERA

With a world being overtaken by technology it is sometimes hard to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. ACCUTERA is an iPhone app that allows users to optimize their outdoor exercise experience through technology. This app is recreation based and utilizes GPS to create a number of trail, terrain and ski maps that can […]

Big Fish (Fishing) iPhone FREE App

Big Fish (Fishing) iPhone FREE App

One of very few fishing games out there for the iPhone. This free app is probably the best fishing game you will find on the AppStore. Control your rod with a touch, tilt as you reel in. It also has a multiplay mode and it lets you use items to screw up your opponent. Features: […]

iphone N.O.V.A. 2 App

N.O.V.A. 2 Shooter App

Here is a shooter app that is already helping to define the future of smartphone gaming.  There have been massive improvements from the first N.O.V.A. including better AI and completely overhauled graphics and interface.  The game is fast paced and a challenging.  The controls are smooth and make gameplay a breeze. This is a definite […]

best app

Android App Development Android 3.0

Android 3.0 Platform has been released for developers.  It can be downloaded at the Android developer site.  Some of the new features include a redesigned UI for use with tablets.  It was optimized for larger screens with the focus being on tablet technology.  This release has the holographic and virtual UI that casino app developers […]

New Apple OS

Apple iOS 4.3 Released

iOS 4.3 Released and is available on the Apple iTunes store. The OS is compatible with iPad and iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, 3rd and 4th gen Touch and iPhone 4. This update will have to keep Apple users good until iOS 5 is released later in the year. 4.3 brings the Hotspot feature to iPhones […]