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Best App Review Clever Toad

The android app Clever Toad is a fun time waster game and is suited best for the casual gamer. It is a puzzle based game and requires one to use logic to get the toad across the river. Each level is a different set up of lily pads which the user must get the toad […]

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Best iPhone App VoiceMod

VoiceMod is a voice modification best app with a new aspect that other apps in its category have yet to accomplish. VoiceMod utilizes real-time technology and immediately changes the sound of what the user is saying. Most other voice modification apps will record a certain amount of speech and then regurgitate it in a different […]

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iPhone App review: ACCUTERA

With a world being overtaken by technology it is sometimes hard to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. ACCUTERA is an iPhone app that allows users to optimize their outdoor exercise experience through technology. This app is recreation based and utilizes GPS to create a number of trail, terrain and ski maps that can […]