Best App Review Clever Toad

The android app Clever Toad is a fun time waster game and is suited best for the casual gamer. It is a puzzle based game and requires one to use logic to get the toad across the river. Each level is a different set up of lily pads which the user must get the toad across.

The challenge comes in not being able to move diagonal, but only forward and to the sides. Each time a lily pad is landed on, the pad will disappear. The game has 25 unique levels that will test one’s brain and logic.

While the game is easy to understand and can get challenging at times, there are some drawbacks. One cannot repeat past levels, only move on to the next one. In addition the game will not automatically quit when the user returns to the home screen. If the developers continue to make updates and fix the problems it will continue to be on of the fun and addictive games.

best app clever toad

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