Angry Birds Rio HD

The Angry Birds are back! But this time, it’s not the eggs that make them angry. It’s the kidnapping and getting sent to Rio de Janeiro that makes them angry. Angry Birds Rio HD is tie-in to the movie Rio where Angry Birds exact revenge on their captors alongside Jewel and Blu, the protagonists of the said movie. Angry Birds Rio HD is still the same great gameplay but now set in the luscious city of Rio.

Angry Birds Rio HD features the same gameplay which is based on actual physics (sometimes) from the original Angry Birds but now is set in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of smashing pigs down, you have to free the captured birds in each level. Though the goal is different, the gameplay remains the same but it still has the same charming and fun gameplay. Besides the new setting, it also has new features such as Beach Ball levels and epic levels that involve a plane.

Angry Birds Rio HD is very easy to use. If you played the original Angry Birds, you won’t have a hard time with Angry Birds Rio HD. It’s a matter of slinging the birds at the right time to free the birds. Even in the hardest levels, you’ll still find it easy to use. I rate the app 4 out of 5 because Angry Birds Rio HD is in its initial release, it  has only 12 levels which makes it a bit short. But the company promises more updates to give you more levels so all in all, Angry Birds Rio HD is a great game.  A keyword search for Angry Birds will now reveal over five different Angry Birds Games.

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