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Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is an app where you write the name of the artist or band that you love so much (i.e. Beach Boys, Beastie Boys) and Pandora will automatically link you to music that’s similar to what you wrote.  It’s your very own personalized radio so you don’t have to frantically search new music; Pandora […]

best app fatbooth iphone

Best App iPhone App Fat Booth

Ever wondered how different someone would look if they packed on an extra twenty pounds? The iPhone app Fat Booth lets users do just that. It takes pictures and enhances them to portray what the user’s face would look like with the extra weight. As an entertainment app it allows users to share the humorous […]

free dating app

SmartDate® Launches a Fantastic Twist to Dating

SmartDate® is a free dating app for the iPhone that is going to make some real changes to the way that people think about dating altogether.  You know how on Skype or any other messaging system there’s a setting to let people know that you are available or not?  Well, SmartDate® has taken that idea […]