Best iPhone App VoiceMod

VoiceMod is a voice modification best app with a new aspect that other apps in its category have yet to accomplish. VoiceMod utilizes real-time technology and immediately changes the sound of what the user is saying. Most other voice modification apps will record a certain amount of speech and then regurgitate it in a different voice.

The program allows a handful of different speech options including Darth Vader impression, a robot and a option that makes the user stumble over words and sound confused. One of the entertainment portions of this app is that in addition to real time recording it also lets users record messages.

These messages can then be sent via email, text message, or Facebook and other social networking accounts. The app is at the top of its category when it comes to voice modification, while there is no real use for it, as far as entertainment it is enjoyable. The .99 cent price tag doesn’t see ridiculous if one will actually use the app.


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