Big Fish (Fishing) iPhone FREE App

One of very few fishing games out there for the iPhone. This free app is probably the best fishing game you will find on the AppStore. Control your rod with a touch, tilt as you reel in. It also has a multiplay mode and it lets you use items to screw up your opponent.


Fast Graphics
Multiplayer Mode
Competitive Fishing with Other Players
Good Tutorial
8 Fishing Locations
Good Fish Selection

Optimized for iDevice


Decent Fishing game, completely free and multiplayer mode is a kick. Overall this is a fun game if you like fishing or competition. It provides a really good gaming environment. It is 2D, but they did a good job with the graphics.

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  1. Jace Hall says:

    I love me some fishing straight up. My girlfriend is a vegan though and gives me flip when I want to fish – even if I catch and release. This game lets me have an outlet and still have a nice relaxing time. FREE!

  2. BIGPHISH says:

    This game has the best grafix ever. I’ve never been so impressed by another app simply because they kept the gfx fun and didn’t go all nuts on making 3d that will slow the phone down. Good job devs!

  3. Fishing says:

    I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here for free for your online readers. thanks