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Whether you’re in the market for a book, Kindle books, music, camera, consoles or whatever, you can now browse through for the item easily with the Amazon Mobile. The Amazon Mobile app takes the features of the main website and makes them mobile with ease. From the Gold Deals to the easy option to scan, Amazon Mobile lets you take your right as a shopper to get the best deal possible. What’s not to like about this app?

Amazon Mobile features many of the great features of Amazon on its main website. It lets you navigate through its vast library of items according to your preference. It also features the options of buying items, such as the 1-Click option and the cart options. You can also purchase directly from the app and it’s all updated to Amazon’s servers. It also features the option to scan items on the go to make comparisons. You can also search details on products so you can make a better purchase. You can also call the Amazon Customer Service to help you out when problems arise.

Amazon Mobile is surprisingly easy to use. It takes many of the daunting features of Amazon and makes it easy for you to navigate with ease. The option to take photos and scan barcodes for comparison is one of its great features. There are also some good surprises from it, such as Gold Deals and free gifts. All in all, Amazon Mobile gets a rating of 5 out of 5. 

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