Calculator Pro for iPad

Whether you’re making calculations for the basic duties in life or you want to use the scientific functions without difficulty, you’ll find the free version of Calculator Pro for iPad very handy. Calculator Pro for iPad is a basic utility that anyone can use, whether it be the person who needs to know how much will go to grocery or the math whiz who needs to see his calculation of Pi.

Calculator Pro for iPad features two modes: basic mode and advanced mode. Basic mode lets you do the basics of basic while Advanced mode goes into Landscape and lets you try out the advanced calculations like sin, cos and tangent. It also features the functions of scientific calculators such as Radian calculations and memory buttons to organize complex formulas. It has touchscreen controls where you can swipe off the wrong number or edit the numbers you put in. You can also change the look of your calculator, so you can make manly, girly or neutral.

Calculator Pro for iPad is very easy to use. You’ll be able to master the calculator in no time and the features are really good. Unlike other calculator apps, Calculator Pro for iPad works better because it has less bugs and errors so you won’t have to worry about glitches. Thanks to its availability on the iPad, the Calculator Pro buttons are big enough to press on and the finger controls to make edits. Because of the ease of use and the minimal bugs and glitches, I rate this app 5 out of 5.Ā 

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