NeuroNation Brain Games App

NeuroNation Brain Games App for Personalized Brain Training

NeuroNation is a free app that furnishes a collection of brain training exercises aimed not just to test the limits of your mental abilities, but also to improve on those areas where you are least capable.

This mobile device application presents brain games that pose as training exercises based on the app’s evaluation of your mental skills. The aspects of concern are your Memory, Numeracy, Perception, and Reasoning prowess. The ultimate goal is to help you, the app user, improve on your ability to recall important things, process new information, take rapid but accurate actions, as well as perform mathematical calculations mentally.

The brain game challenges are customized based on the NeuroNation system of evaluating memory skills, ability to stay focused, and logical reasoning. The resulting scores accordingly provide the app with scientific basis, on what to recommend as your training goal.

This NeuroNation brain-training tool is available at the Google Play Store as a free to download app to users of mobile devices supported by Android OS versions 2.3 and up.

NeuroNation App Features

App users can proceed as an unidentified user or as a registered NeuroNation member. Either way, the device saves and tracks any progress made, including the challenges completed and the training level attained.

NeuroNation brain training works on a leveling up system. Those new to the NeuroNation brain training exercises start as Novice Level 1 player. In order to level up, a player must pass the Goal Challenges and earn Experience Points (XPs). Doing so elevates them to the Amateur Level (2), to Pupil Level (3), the Top of the Class Level (4), the Star Pupil Level (5), The Prodigy Level (6) and so forth.

Goal Challenges include achieving a specific number of Score Points and Correct Answers, and limiting number of Errors committed within the maximum required for that Level Challenge. Failure to do so, will keep the set of next training exercises locked, indicating you still need to improve your mental skills.

NeuroNation Games Overview 

This free NeuroNation app contains 24 free brain-training exercises. Initially though, most of those games are still inaccessible, since users have to complete the training by passing Goal Challenges in each level. Still, new app users will have instant access to the following brain training exercises once the app has been installed.

Path Finder/Reverse Path finder is a Memory Exercise, requiring players to re-trace a certain path from memory.

Chain Reaction is a Numeracy Exercise requiring app users to perform different mathematical operations continuously. Starting with the answer to a single mathematical equation, the training exercise continuously supply a number to add, to subtract, or with which to multiply or divide the most recent answer.

Trail Tracker and the Rotator Games are Reasoning Exercises that require players to determine the spot where a marker will land by following arrow directions. The Rotator Game makes use of tetris-shaped blocks to match, with the added difficulty of selecting the match from rotating tetris symbols.

Color Craze, a Perception Exercise in which one must select an object that matches what the prompt requires. In alternate and random occurrences, some prompts ask the app user to select an object according to the meaning of a given word; while some, requires choosing an object based on the color of the text used by the prompt. A player must choose quickly because this exercise is performed under time constraint.

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